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Who are we? > Why this name?


The goal for enterprise is to develop and adopt a strategy maximizing value for its customers, employees and shareholders. Fact is that after the waves of ERPs and APSs, large restructuring and reengineering projects, and more recently BPR approach (Business Process Reengineering), creation of real value for the enterprise is not always obvious.

Why this? Because often the following basic question has not been addressed first:

« Given my strategy, which are the DECISIONS I should be able

to take to unleash the VALUE of my enterprise? »

Our approach thus consists in:

Identifying the type of Decisions the company has to be able to take in order to create value…     

                         …to then build the Processes required to support this decision making…

                                             …and then align the Organization to manage efficiently these processes…

                                                                     …before, only if needed, making IT Systems evolve.