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Implementing or reshaping its Supply Chain is as complicated as crucial in an extremely fluctuant industrial context, where competition drives companies towards operational excellence.  However, questions still remain before taking action:

  • Which are the guidelines to improve my organization’s efficiency and profitability?
  • What is my goal and what are the corresponding issues?
  • Do I have to offer the same service level to all my clients and for the whole range of products?
  • Should I outsource part of my activity?
  • Is my service offer well defined?
  • What is my starting point and what are the improvement areas?
  • What organization and what resources do I need in order to ensure the committed level of service?


To help you answer these questions, Decision Value can assist you with the following type of actions:

  • Supply Chain Audit
    • Assessment of the current situation (on the field observation, processes understanding, interviews with Supply Chain players)
    • Activity, performance and inventory analysis
    • Design of an improvement road mad
  • Service Offer Optimization
    • Evaluation of the Values of each service : Provided Value, Perceived Value & Value Cost
    • Review of the offer range and assessment of its impact on the company’s Supply Chain
  • Design of the Distribution Strategy
    • Design of the target distribution network (according to the products type and location of clients)
    • Partnership seeking and implementation
  • Implementation of "Blue Ocean" and Green Supply Chain concepts
    • Supply Chain transformation into Service Offer
    • Supply Chain resilience level evaluation