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In this economic crisis context, companies have focused on their Working Capital to generate cash and avoid bankruptcy. One of the most common measure is inventory reduction along the Supply Chain.

  • How to operate this reduction without jeopardizing product availability?
  • What stock management policies will ensure that the right product is at the right place at the right time?
  • Is my inventory made up of the appropriate components?

But the Working Capital Efficiency (WCE) cannot be reduced to the only stock: it is necessary to work on its globality by considering other causes as the trade receivables, the trade payables, or the liabilities on which we can act. That's why it is important to work on the Customers & Suppliers Interface:  

  • How to charge as early as possible while protecting myself against late payments? 
  • Are my invoice terms optimized by remaining within a legal framework?
  •  What levers can be used at what time to stabilize my WCE?


Decision Value can assist you to face these issues with the following approach:


  • Control of the global operational WCE 
    • Measure and Implementation of the needed dashboards 
    • Animation of thematical groups in order to activate WCE reduction levers
    • Implementation of a WCE normative approach
  • Implementation of inventory management adapted to each segment of products
    • Inventory composition analysis and short-term improvements identification
    •  Inventory optimization and definition of management parameters
    • Building of inventory allocation and deployment processes   
  • Cash-to-Cash cycle shortening
    • Formalization of the OTC (Order to Cash) STP (Source to Pay) processes
    • Implementation of an efficient ligitations management