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Sonia Daviaud, Managing Director

Sonia Daviaud has been working in consulting since 1995. Prior to founding Decision Value, Sonia acted as Senior Executive in large consulting companies as Accenture and BearingPoint. She is experienced in a wide range of consulting assignments covering internal and external supply chain reengineering, collaborative solutions implementation, process optimization for demand/supply management and advanced planning, Working Capital efficiency, supply chain operation improvement programs, lean production systems design and implementation...

Moreover, she has been member of the APICS Board from 2013 to 2015.

Rémi Tuizat, Consultant

Rémi Tuizat started working at Decision Value in October 2017, after an engineering school (University of Technology of Compiègne – Mechanical Engineering specialized in Integrated Production and Logistics). After two internships in the aeronautic (workshop engineer) and pharmaceutical industries (project engineer) in France and Switzerland, he joined our team as a junior consultant.

Karl Rouzé, Senior Consultant

Karl Rouzé joined Decision Value in April 2018. Karl graduated from a double master degree program from Grenoble INP – Industrial Engineering and IIT Chicago – Industrial Technology & Operations in 2014. He worked for 3 years for the food industry in the Chicago area taking on different roles as operations analyst, production scheduler and production planner & inventory analyst where he developed metrics and reports as well as implementing improvements projects and rolling on SAP planning modules. Then, he traveled for a year across South America developing his language skills and learning about sustainable development before joining our team.

Jennifer Dupont-Fauville, ex-Senior Consultant

Jennifer Dupont-Fauville contributed to Decision Value's developpement from 2012 to 2017, after an engineering school (Chimie ParisTech, Specialization in Chemistry of Materials). She realized missions of Supply Chain diagnosis on different industrial sites, of demand management and planning processes rationalization and standardization (S&OP, MPS) with the implementation of KPIs and decision making tools but also customer or supplier ligation management as a part of OTC and STP approaches. She is now working for Amazon Logistics.

Amandine Bayard, ex-Senior Consultant

Amandine Bayard worked at Decision Value from February 2015 to June 2018, after an engineering school (Grenoble INP – Industrial Engineering, Specialization in Logistics). She took a part in some missions of Supply Chain diagnosis on different industrial sites in order to implement the decision making tools needed for the processes efficiency (sales forecasting and charge/capacity adequation: S&OP, MPS) – but also in the reflexion about data governance for a retail company. She is now working for the company  Club Med.