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Planning is a vital tool to meet clients’ requirements, while controlling production and inventory costs. Planning is especially essential to give the adequate visibility to long time suppliers. Symptoms associated to a discrepancy or even a lack in the planning process are usually very costly for the company: bad service rate (something leading to losing the business of unsatisfied customers), inadequate capacity compared to the demand, late raw material or components reception, high-level of stock to mitigate the lack of coordination…

In light of this, companies often come up with the following questions:  

  • How to improve visibility on future activity?
  • On what basis and how far ahead should the forecasts be estimated?
  •  What should be the commitment on delivery ensuring that I will be able to hold the date?
  • What type of planning process implement and at what level?


To help you implementing the needed processes, Decision Value starts with a precise evaluation of your processes and organization maturity in order to define an efficient target. The different parts of our intervention are: 

  • Flash Diagnosis
    • Audit of the current situation with meetings and data analysis 
    • Brainstorming to validate the challenges and to build the target 
    • Definition of the Order-Taking Strategy (ATP, CTP, PTP, WTP, ...)
  • Definition of management rules for each product
    • Mix of product analysis based on chosen criteria
    • Product segmentation
  • Implementation of planning processes (S&OP, MPS, FAS…)
    • Clarification of the issues for each decisional level
    • Processes description with clarification of "Who does what?"
    • Evaluation of the using tools in comparison with the needed ones
    • Road Map proposition 
    • Help for the implementation
  • Implementation of Demand Management processes
    • Understanding the historical data 
    • Evaluation of the predictability and measure of the forecasting reliability
    • Clarification of the processes and needed tools